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      Zhuzhou Chutian Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd

      Focused on offering Cemented Carbide products for 11 years

      One-stop cemented carbide material supplier

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      Hot Keywords: bearing ball diamond composite matrix crushed stone strip cold heading die disc

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      Zhuzhou Chutian Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd has been concentrating on cemented carbide production, equipment research and sale for 11 years

      It’s also a high-tech enterprise which works on researching, developing, producing, and selling of cemented carbide products with top sales in Zhuzhou area.

      It owns production area of 3500 square meters, experimental test area of 500 square meters

      Annual sales of nearly 100 million yuan

      Exquisite technics, 100% quality assurance

      Have product inspection report to ensure the authenticity and professionalism of the product, 100% is genuine

      Production staff all have college degree or above, experienced, skilled, familiar with the production technology and processing technology of products.

      The company has 3 scientific research results, the existing scientific research results of the main project name is

      Research and development of ceramic cutting tools

      Research and development of YD tungsten carbide welding rods

      Research and development of aviation cutting tool materials

      Non-toxic popularization of extrusion reagents

      Manufacturer Direct sales, low procurement costs

      Unified to wholesale prices to sell, similar products purchase price is cheaper

      Global enquiry hotline:0086-731-28107107

      Professional through-train after-sales services as the nanny state, don’t worry about it!

      Free return: Get the package return for free when the product has quality problem

      Tracking Service: Technical Specialists track customer production processes and provide technical support to ensure product stability

      Global enquiry hotline:


      Zhuzhou Chutian Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd

      Zhuzhou Chutian Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd

      Zhuzhou Chutian Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise of producing cemented carbide products, Which is founded in May 2005. The company has passed ISO9001:2000 quality guarantee system. We provide high quality cemented carbide products and technical service with quality to our customer. Our products mainly include such as carbide strips & plates, disc cutters, ca...

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      Start work well!2019,move on!

      Start work well!2019,move on!

      The company officially started on February 12, welcome all units to come to inquire!...

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      Classification and application of common cemented carbide

      answer:①The main components of tungsten cobalt cemented carbide are tungsten carbide (WC) and binder cobalt......

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